In order to start your advertising campaign you will need to record and produce a commercial in high definition VIDEO. If you don’t have an HD spot, we can help you write, record and produce your video commercial.

*Video Spot production can range from $199-$499 per commercial.

Del Radio’s Facebook page currently has an organic rating or reach of more than 76,000 people per month.

Contact us to set an appointment to discuss the details of your promotion. We can offer you an advertising package with prices within your budget. Below are 2 sample video spots of the commercial “El Buen Mecánico” that we recorded and produced for our friend Juan Carlos of J&C Auto Repair.

30sec Spot/J&C Auto Repair

With this 60sec spot, Mr. Juan Carlos started his advertising campaign and obtained a very good immediate response.

90sec Spot/J&C Auto Repair

This is the 90sec version of the spot, structured as two spots in one united to form one with a more creative sense.

Advertising packages including the produced video commercial start at $500 a week. However the more you invest the better results you will have.